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Sugar Dew

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Sugar Dew is an invigorating mix of citrus and sugary notes. Refresh your clothes with this sweet and tropical wash that will bring you to your own scented paradise.


We carefully source all of our ingredients, keeping you and the planet in mind with every choice made. Our washes are paraben and phosphate free.

Load Sizes

Our 16oz. detergent is equivalent to around 24 pods or 24 standard sized loads. Our 32oz. detergent is equivalent to around 48 pods or 48 standard sized loads.


Once an order is placed our team will carefully collect and package it. We ship out all orders as soon as possible, typically in the next business day.


Caution: MOZI smells amazing, but please don't use our detergent to bathe. Keep out of reach of children. Eye irritant, harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, flush well with water. If swallowed, drink water and seek medical advice.


MOZI brings a new variety of smells to the rather stale, laundry detergent industry, with a fresher feel.

Laundry done right.

We chose the highest rated scents to give you that extra little bit of confidence everyday, knowing that you smell amazing.

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What Do The Detergents Smell Like?

We based our scents off of well-known fragrances and colognes that range from light citrus offers, to deep woodsy aromas.

Is MOZI Wash Safe To Use On All Clothing & Machines?

Yes, we have tested our products extensively on a variety of all different types of fabrics and machines. Additionally our detergent creates low amounts of suds, making it work in high-efficiency (HE) and traditional washers. It will effectively clean your garments in both hot and cold water rinses.